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  Our research effort focuses on engineering novel nanostructures with functional materials, for technological applications including energy conversion, electronics and sensors, etc. The research being performed in our lab is highly interdisciplinary involving electrical engineering, materials science and engineering, chemistry and physics. Students and postdocs with strong motivation for cutting-edge research on nanotechnology are welcome to join us.

Recent Highlight

-Apr. 9, 2024, Congratulations to Beitao Ren for his paper "Full-color fibre light-emitting diodes based on perovskite quantum wires" being accepted by Science Advances!

-Mar 20, 2024, Congratulations to Sheldon for his paper "A Tetrachromatic Sensor for Imaging Beyond the Visible Spectrum in Harsh Conditions" being accepted by Device!

-Feb. 22, 2024, Congratulations to Qianpeng Zhang for his paper "Improving the Operational Lifetime of Metal-halide Perovskite LEDs with Dimension Control and Ligand Engineering" being accepted by ACS Nano!

-Feb. 20, 2024, Congratulations to Sammy for her paper "Ultra-Sensitive and Stable Multiplexed Biosensors Array in FullyPrinted and Integrated Platforms for Reliable PerspirationAnalysis" being accepted by Advanced Materials!

-Feb. 7, 2024, Congratulations to Joe and Edward for their paper "An ultra-wide field-of-view pinhole compound eye using hemispherical nanowire array for robot vision" being accepted by Science Robotics!

-Dec. 11, 2023, Congratulations to Justin (Zhenghao Long) and Lei Shu for passing PhD thesis defence!

-Nov. 24, 2023, Congratulations to Vinson and Zachary for their paper "Biomimetic Olfactory Chips Based on Large-scale Monolithically Integrated Nanotube Sensor Arrays" being accepted by Nature Electronics.

-Nov. 2, 2023, Congratulations to Dr. Chen Wang (Vinson) for being awarded as "Young Outstanding Oversea Scholar" (海外优青)and joining Jilin University (吉林大学)as a Full Professor.

-Sept. 25, 2023, Congratulations to Deep and Justin for winning "IUMRS Frontier Materials Graduate Students Award".

-Aug. 7, 2023, Congratulations to Lei Shu for his paper "Highly efficient blue light-emitting diodes based on perovskite film with vertically graded bandgap and organic grain boundary passivation shells" being accepted by Advanced Functional Materials.

-Jul. 13, 2023, Congratulations to Bryan for his paper "High-Efficiency, Flexible and Large-area Red/Green/Blue All-Inorganic Metal Halide Perovskite Quantum Wires-Based Light-Emitting Diodes" being accepted by Nature Communications.


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