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  Our research effort focuses on engineering novel nanostructures with functional materials, for technological applications including energy conversion, electronics and sensors, etc. The research being performed in our lab is highly interdisciplinary involving electrical engineering, materials science and engineering, chemistry and physics. Students and postdocs with strong motivation for cutting-edge research on nanotechnology are welcome to join us.

Recent Highlight

-Nov. 14, 2022, Congratulations to Julie for her paper "Three-dimensional Nanopillar Arrays-based Efficient and Flexible Perovskite Solar Cells with Enhanced Stability" being accepted by Nano Letters.

-Sept. 15, 2022, Congratulations to Prof. Fan for receiving a distinguished award "2022 Xplorer Prize" (科学探索奖) funded by Tencent Foundation, targeting at supporting the most talented young and mid-career scholars in China. There are only two awardees in Hong Kong this year. The news can be found in the links below:
1. https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/7140f9x35MPq7ApMZqwz_w
2. https://www.163.com/tech/article/HHAA680600097U81.html
3. https://news.ycwb.com/2022-09/16/content_41048770.htm

-Sept. 14, 2022, Congratulations to Dr. Qianpeng Zhang for being awarded a distinguished title "IAAM Fellow". IAAM (International Association of Advanced Materials) is a non-profit international organization established to promote scientific research in the field of advanced materials with more than 10,000 members from 125 countries. IAAM Fellow is a prestigious honor and recognized title awarded only to those researchers who have made significant contributions to the fields of materials science, engineering and technology.

-Sept. 1, 2022, Congratulations to Edward for his paper "Uncooled self-powered hemispherical biomimetic pit organ for mid- to long-infrared imaging" being published on Science Advances.

-Aug. 2, 2022, Congratulations to Zhilong for his paper "Temperature-Modulated Selective Detection of Part-per-Trillion NO2 Using Platinum Nanoclusters Sensitized 3D Metal Oxide Nanotube Arrays" being accepted by Small.

-Jul. 11, 2022, Congratulations to David for his paper "Metal Halide Perovskite Nanowires: Synthesis, Integration, Properties, and Applications in Optoelectronics" being accepted by Advanced Energy Materials.

-Jun. 25, 2022, Congratulations to Wendy and Zachary for their paper "Micro-heater Integrated Nanotube Array Gas Sensor for Parts-Per-Trillion Level Gas Detection and Single Sensor-based Gas Discrimination" being accepted by ACS Nano.

-Jun. 15, 2022, Congratulations to Joe for his paper "Halide-exchanged perovskite photodetectors for wearable visible-blind ultraviolet monitoring" being accepted by Nano Energy.

-Jun. 2, 2022, Congratulations to Dr. Qianpeng (Gabriel) Zhang for accepting Assistant Professor position offer from Fudan University (复旦大学), China. He will start in his new position in the beginning of December, 2022.

-Apr. 20, 2022, Congratulations to Jason for his paper "Strongly Quantum-confined Perovskite Nanowire Arrays for Color Tunable Blue Light-emitting Diodes" being accepted by ACS Nano.


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