Open Positions:

We are seeking highly motivated student and postdoc candidates who have solid background in EE, Materials Science, Chemistry, or other related fields. A candidate with IC design background will be a plus. Besides students with academic interest, we also look for talents with strong motivation for entrepreneurship and to use sensor technology to change the world.

本课题组诚招在电子工程,材料科学,生物,化学或其他相关领域具有扎实背景,积极进取的学生和博士后,特别欢迎具有IC设计背景的人才。 除了具有浓厚学术兴趣的学生之外,我们还寻找具有强烈创新创业冒险精神并有志于利用传感器技术改变世界的人才。没有明确学习目标的同学请勿联系本课题组。

The interested applicants with strong motivation to perform cutting edge research in these areas are highly encouraged to contact with us at

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