1: ELEC 1100  Introduction to Electro-Robot Design

ELEC1100 is designed to provide the fundamental knowledge on the basic electrical engineering, components design and skills needed for the design, implementation and evaluation of a robot and its subsystems. It will cover the basic electrical engineering principle and techniques. Hands-on laboratory sessions, complemented with lectures and tutorials, are provided to allow students to have a systematic view of the electrical engineering principles. Students will have to apply the knowledge and principles learnt to design and build a functional robot by themselves.

2: ELEC 5110/ENEG 5200  Nanoelectronic Materials for Energy Technologies

This is a postgraduate course aiming at developing the understanding of the critical roles of nanoscale electronic materials in energy harvesting and storage technologies. The conventional and emerging material processing technologies are introduced. Critical material dimensions affecting energy conversion and storage processes are discussed. The objective of this course is to provide students with guidelines for design of efficient energy devices with low dimension semiconductor materials. It need any semiconductor courses or equivalent







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